Articles in Press Volume 7, Issue 2 (2019)

Authors : Saidat Fehintola Olaniran
Title : Laplace Approximation to the Posterior of Bayesian Weibull Model with Time-Varying Effect
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 1−6

Abstract: In this paper, the estimation of the parameter of the Bayesian Weibull model with time-varying effect is considered. The Laplace approximation was developed and compared to the maximum likelihood approach achieved via the Newton-Raphson procedure. The efficiency of the two methods was analyzed using Monte-Carlo samples drawn from the time-varying Weibull model.

Keywords: Bayesian Weibull model, Newton-Raphson procedure, time-varying Weibull model.

Authors : Ch. Srinivasa Rao, K. Satya Murthy, S. S. A. Sastri and K. Sujatha
Title : Some Fixed Point Theorems in Dislocated Quasi b-metric Spaces
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 7−12

Abstract: In this paper we have given a fixed point theorem in dislocated quasi b-metric spaces which is generalization of dislocated quasi metric, partial b-metric spaces and the Banach contraction principle.

Keywords: Metric Space, Dislocated Quasi b- Metric Space, Contraction, Fixed Point.

Authors : P. O. Mogotu, N. B. Okelo and Omolo Ongati
Title : On Compactness of Similarity Orbits of Norm-Attainable Operators
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 13−21

Abstract: The notion of compactness plays an important role in analysis. It has been extensively discussed on both metric and topological spaces. Various properties of compactness have been proved under the underlying spaces. However, if we consider these sets to be from similarity orbits of norm-attainable operators, little has been done to investigate their compactness. In this paper, we introduce the concept of compactness of similarity orbits of norm-attainable operators in aspect of invariant topological spaces and investigate their properties.

Keywords: Similarity orbits; invariant subsets; compactness and Topological space.

Authors : S. Kabbadj
Title : Entropic Approximation
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 23−38

Abstract: In this article, we study the theoretical aspect of the entropic approximations of a convex function on $ R^{p} $, we put in evidence it properties of regulirization and approximation of those approximates, we find the most of the approximal properties of Moreau-Yosida.

Keywords: Convex minimization, Approximation of Moreau-Yosida, Bregman's function, Legendre's function, Entropic approximation.

Authors : J. Suresh Kumar
Title : Graph Algorithms and Abstraction for Number Theoretic Concepts
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 39−41

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss graph theoretic representation of the number theoretic concepts such as relatively prime numbers, Greatest Common Divisor (GCD), Geometric mean (GM) and Fibonacci numbers using graph labeling. We also propose a new generalization of Geometric mean.

Keywords: Graph, Greatest Common Divisor, Geometric mean.

Authors : S. Vijayabarathi
Title : Positive Pre $A^*$-algebra Function in terms of DNF
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 43−47

Abstract: In this paper, positive Pre $A^*$-algebra function is defined and to support this two theorems have been proved.

Keywords: Positive Pre $A^*$-algebra function, prime implicants, absorption,monotone function.

Authors : R. Deepa, T. Surendiran, D. Michael Raj and S. Suresh
Title : Some Properties of Spectral Theorem Over Hilbert Space
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 49−50

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study some properties over spectral theorem of finite dimensional Hilbert space H.

Keywords: Eigen values, Eigen spaces, Closed sub-spaces, Normal operator.

Authors : Abul Kalam Mondal
Title : Some Global Properties of Almost Pseudo Ricci Symmetric Manifolds Satisfying Codazzi Type of Ricci Tensor
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 51−57

Abstract: The object of the present paper is to study some global properties of almost pseudo Ricci symmetric manifold satisfying Codazzi type of Ricci tensor. Among others, it is proved that if a compact, orientable $A(PRS)_n$ satisfying Codazzi type of Ricci tensor without boundary admits a non-isometric conformal transformation, then the $A(PRS)_n$ is isometric to a sphere. Also we obtain a sufficient condition for a compact, orientable $A(PRS)_n$ satisfying Codazzi type of Ricci tensor without boundary to be conformal to a sphere in $E_{n+1}$.

Keywords: Almost pseudo Ricci symmetric manifold, compact, orientable manifold of this without boundary.

Authors : T. K. Mathew Varkey and A. M. Shyla
Title : Some Properties of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Graph
Volume, Issue, Year : 7(2)(2019)
Pages : 59−73

Abstract: We present a novel framework for handling intuitionistic fuzzy soft information by combining the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets with graphs. We presented the notions of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft graph, Strong intuitionistic fuzzy soft graph, Complete intutionistic fuzzy soft graph in our previous paper. In this article, we introduce some new concepts of intuitionistic fuzzy soft graph, explain notion of ifs-complement of an intuitionistic fuzzy soft graph and ifs-$\phi $-complement of an intuitionistic fuzzy soft graph with example. Finally, we investigate the properties of ifs-complement and ifs-$\phi $-complement of an intuitionistic fuzzy soft graph.

Keywords: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Graph, ifs-Complement of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Graph, ifs-$\phi $-Complement of an Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Graph.