I-Rough Product Topology

T. K. Sheeja1

1Department of Mathematics, T. M. Jacob Memorial Government College, Manimalakunnu, Kerala, India.

Abstract: In this paper, the concept of product topology is extended to I-rough topological spaces. The properties of the proposed I-rough product topology are explored. Akin to the classical product topology, the I-rough product topology makes each projection mapping an I-rough continuous function and it is found to be the weakest topology in the product rough universe having this property. Also, the projection functions are shown to be open mappings. Further, the I-rough interior of an I-rough set on the product space is expressed as the product of the corresponding I-rough interiors of the component I-rough sets.
Keywords: I-rough functions, I-rough sets, I-rough topology, I-rough product topology, Projection functions.

Cite this article as: T. K. Sheeja, I-Rough Product Topology, Int. J. Math. And Appl., vol. 9, no. 2, 2021, pp. 119-126.

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