Neutrosophic Micro Ideal Topological Structure

S. Ganesan1, C. Alexander1, A. Pandi2 and F. Smarandache3

1PG \& Research Department of Mathematics, Raja Doraisingam Government Arts College, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India. (Affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, India).
2Department of Mathematics, Rathinam Technical Campus, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.
3Mathematics \& Science Department, University of New Maxico, 705 Gurley Ave, Gallup, NM 87301, USA.

Abstract: This article addressed the concept of neutrosophic micro ideal topology which is induced by the two litereture, they are ideal topological spaces and micro topology. We defined its local function, closed set and also defined and give new dimnesion to codense ideal by incorporating it to ideal topological structures. we investigate some properties of neutrosophic micro topology with ideal. Also we introduce a new definition of neutrosophic micro topological space like neutrosophic micro $\alpha$-open, neutrosophic micro pre-open, neutrosophic micro semi-open, neutrosophic micro b-open, neutrosophic micro $\beta$-open, neutrosophic micro regular-open and neutrosophic micro $\pi$-open.
Keywords: Neutrosophic set, ideal topological spaces, neutrosophic micro topology, neutrosophic micro ideal local function.

Cite this article as: S. Ganesan, C. Alexander, A. Pandi and F. Smarandache, Neutrosophic Micro Ideal Topological Structure, Int. J. Math. And Appl., vol. 9, no. 2, 2021, pp. 127-136.

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