A Study on the Methodology of Dispersive Partial Differential Equation

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  • Gaurav Singh Sisodia Department of Applied Science & Humanities, Ch. Devi Lal State Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sirsa, Haryana, India


Dispersive, Equations, Differential


Nonlinear dispersive and wave equations are fundamental models to various regions of material science and building like plasma physical science, nonlinear optics, Bose-Einstein condensates, water waves, and general relativity. Delineations fuse the nonlinear Schrodinger, wave, Klein-Gordon, water wave, and Einstein's equations of general relativity. This field of PDE has seen an impact in development in the past twenty, most of the way by virtue of a couple of viable cross-treatments with various zones of science; mainly symphonious investigation, dynamical frameworks, and probability. It furthermore continues being a champion among the most powerful regions of investigation, rich with issues and open to various intriguing heading. The current paper highlights the methodology of dispersive partial differential equations.




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