Plane wave propagation at solid-solid imperfect interface

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  • Neelam Kumari Department of Mathematics, Ch. Devi Lal University, Sirsa, India


Viscoelastic solid, Elastic solid, Reflection and Transmission


In this paper, the reflection and transmission phenomenon at the imperfect interface between viscoelastic solid half space and elastic solid half space is presented. P-wave or SV-wave is considered to be incident on the interface through viscoelastic solid half space. The amplitude ratios of various reflected and transmitted waves to that of incident wave are derived and deduced for normal force stiffness, transverse force stiffness and for welded contact. After obtaining the amplitude ratios, they have been computed numerically for a particular model and results thus obtained are depicted graphically with angle of incidence of incident wave. It is found that these amplitude ratios depend on angle of incidence of the incident wave and material properties of the medium and these are affected by the stiffness also.




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