Maximality of Circular Area: An Activity Oriented Learning

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  • Sk. Samsul Alam Silut Basantapur High School, Sahapur Basantapur, Burdwan, West Bengal, India


Secondary level, learning mathematics, mensuration, circle, solid object, circumference / perimeter, area, volume, activity


All we know that, by the nature of the subject, mathematical concepts are very abstract, concise and powerful in the sense that it can be applied in problems arising out of diverse field of our study. But it is observed from the direct interaction of students, their performance in examinations etc. that a significant amount of them are lacking of understanding the basic concepts of mathematics, though they do some mechanical approach towards the subject and as a consequence of which, gradually their interest towards the subject disappear. This is a great loss of a country as in the modern era, science and technology have a pivotal role and hence there is a great demand for scientifically skilled manpower and the scientific outlook is best nurtured from the logical activity i.e. in other words, mathematical activity of our brain. But it is a matter of pity that sufficient care has not been taken in the teaching-learning process of mathematics at school level. In fact research has documented that, traditional theoretical methods of teaching supplemented by activity oriented method, resulted a significant improvement of the performance level of the students. Thus development of standard books of school mathematics with adequate number of activity examples and exercise is greatly needed. In this context, in this paper, the author has presented different activity oriented examples concerning the circle is the shape with the greatest area than all other closed curves when the perimeter is fixed.




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